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  • Year 2012 Year 2012 19573 plays Get ready to escape the devastation!
  • Penguin Dive Penguin Dive 15705 plays Help the penguin collect for as many fish as you can.
  • Reef Relief Reef Relief 15143 plays Help scooby and shaggy solve the mystery.
  • Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem 13199 plays Shoot the enemy soldiers on the islands as well as towers, helicopters, airplanes, and subs.
  • Fantastic Treasures Fantastic Treasures 11060 plays Control the submarine as you dive for treasure. Don't go too deep as you make money and upgrade.
  • Gyeokjamsuham Down Submarines Gyeokjamsuham Down Submarines 10920 plays Bring Down the Submarines under the sea
  • Treasure Seas Inc. Treasure Seas Inc. 10859 plays Dive your submarine for treasure. Get money from treasure to buy better sub. Go deeper for more gold
  • Naval Fighter Naval Fighter 10371 plays Pick the power, armor, and speed of your plane and get shooting machine guns and dropping torpedoes.
  • Catapult Grandpa Catapult Grandpa 9877 plays Launch grandpa just right so that he passes through the hole in the prison wall. Watch that wind!
  • Navy Game Navy Game 9873 plays To complete each level you must rescue all of the men in the water. Destroy the submarines attacking your ship with your torpedoes to keep your frigate afloat.
    Patrol boats will attack your helicopter. Destroy them with your torpedoes. Attack helicopters will attack your Seahawk, only your frigate's missiles can protect you from them.
  • Octopus Octopus 9706 plays Take risks greatly in the space that helps the lovely octopus to carry on her, don't touch the space shark ship and space aerolite carefully, the small stars can enrich the blood.
  • Intensub 2 Intensub 2 9367 plays Drive your sub underwater as you launch missiles at the passing boats. Dodge the boats weaponary.
  • KYPCK KYPCK 9362 plays Your mission is to rescue 118 russian marines from the sunken submarine "KYPCK" using the LR 5 mini sub. The LR 5 can carry up to 40 men but it has oxygen for one minute only. "KYPCK" lies about 146 meter deep latitude and longitude have been used to "0" as your target.
  • Intensub Flash Intensub Flash 9185 plays Launch torpedoes up at the boats that are dropping bombs and launching groups of missiles at you.
  • Down Perry-Scope Down Perry-Scope 8387 plays Maneuver the sub back and forth, avoiding the rocks and mines. Descend Perry to the lake bed to grab the sponges from the crabs then drop them into the Suction Vortex to clog it up. There are three levels. Watch out for the Jellyfish, and try not to annoy Candace too much with those gas bubbles.
  • U-Boat U-Boat 8245 plays Pickup all the treasures of the ocean and buy upgrades for your hook, engines and oxygen tanks with the money you make. Uboat is a funny skill game which will awake the treasure hunter inside of you.
  • PuppyGirls Submarine PuppyGirls Submarine 8224 plays Help Ami and Yumi blast their way to play their underwater concert!
  • Marine Bombs Marine Bombs 7796 plays One or two players. Dodge the falling bombs and don't get hit even once or your dead.
  • Warfare Transporter Warfare Transporter 7680 plays Destroy all the attacking submarines and planes in this action game.
  • H2Space H2Space 7567 plays Navigate yourself through water filled tunnels in your stolen mini submarine and try to arrive back at the alien mothership.
  • Panzo Deep Panzo Deep 7495 plays Save the Panda from the attacks under the sea water monsters.
  • Aquarotation Aquarotation 6740 plays Keep the submarine from touching the sea walls as your sub rotates. Put a cork in it!
  • BMX Boy BMX Boy 6428 plays Win points by making high and difficult jumps. Be careful! you loose points if you fall.
  • Sub Bump Sub Bump 6359 plays Help pilot the Sub Bump through the cave of doom, far below in the depths of the ocean. Avoid hitting the walls and stalactite ceilings.
  • Nautilo Nautilo 5874 plays Help Zak to dive into the sea and collect the parts of the submarine scattered all over the sea bed, and assemble them to escape out. But watch out for the dangerous creatures around and avoid crashing into the obstacles.
  • Super Speedboat Super Speedboat 5849 plays Choose your boat and start racing. Collect good objects, avoid bad ones!
  • Micro Submarine Micro Submarine 5636 plays Keep your submarine from hitting the underwater creatures as well as floating bombs.
  • Sponge Bob SquarePants Bumper Subs Sponge Bob SquarePants Bumper Subs 5016 plays Direct SpongeBobs sub and bump into other subs. Avoid whales and other sea creatures.

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